"The idea that there could exist a state of communication that would allow games of truth to circulate freely, without any constraints or coercive effects, seems utopian to me. This is precisely a failure to see that power relations are not something that is bad in itself, that we have to break free of. I do not think that society can exist without power relations, if by that one means the strategies by which individuals try to direct and control the conduct of others. The problem, then, is not to try to dissolve them in the utopia of completely transparent communication but to acquire the rules of law, the management techniques, and also the morality, the ethos, the practice of the self, that will allow us to play these games of power with as little domination as possible."
- Michel Foucault: ‘The Ethics of the Concern for Self as a Practice of Freedom’ (via fuckyeahphilosophy) (via oppen)

Sketch for the Fall of Gog and MagogJohn Singer Sargent1903-1916Museum of Fine Arts, BostonCharcoal on paper63 x 47.5 cm (24 13/16 x 18 11/16 in.)


Sketch for the Fall of Gog and Magog
John Singer Sargent
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Charcoal on paper
63 x 47.5 cm (24 13/16 x 18 11/16 in.)